10 golden rules to start embroidery digitizing

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10 golden rules to start embroidery digitizing

Before you start embroidery digitizing …


The following suggestions are meant to help you organize your work. Keep them in mind before starting to create an embroidery, it’s the first tip!

#1. Pay attention to your customer’s requests and expectations.

If he shows you a sewed embroidery, watch it carefully, especially on the back, to understand how it was made.

#2. Make sure that the design (file) provided for your punching is clear and detailed.

Low-quality designs will make you waste a lot of time in adjusting it.

#3. When possible, ask for a vector file.

It will make punching faster and more accurate.


#4. Carefully examine the design.

The underlay types, the stitch types, the effects you want to obtain and the embroidery execution sequence should be perfectly clear to you before you start digitising.


#5. Make sure the design you received from the customer has a correct size or a precise scale.

Only if you know the final embroidery size can you choose the proper digitising technique.


#6. Does your customer have any particular preference regarding stitch types, thread density or other parameters?

If you are using GMI software, Stilista3 you can store customer’s parameters in the personal parameters list and use whenever you need to.


#7 If possible, ask your customer which type of fabric the embroidery will be executed on.

This will enable you to choose the correct type of underlay stitches and to adequately compensate the fabric relaxation due to thread tension.


#8. It’s also essential for you to know the type and colour of the thread that will be used, so that to set the correct fill stitch density and decide whether a small part is to be executed in fill stitch or in running stitch mode.


#9. Once you have completed the digitising phase, make a sample on the kind of fabric requested in order to detect possible mistakes before delivering the embroidery to the customer.


#10. Take proper classes of embroidery of digitized designs to learn machine embroidery. If you know the tools and the possibilities of your software, you will soon get the most of it!


GMI gives you the chance to create your embroidery designs via Stilista3 software on your favorite apparel or accessory. The team of embroidery professionals, will guide on on the choise of the right software configuration and in the classes you will learn all about embroidery  digitizing.


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