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10 golden rules to start embroidery digitizing

10 golden rules to start embroidery digitizing

Before you start embroidery digitizing …


The following suggestions are meant to help you organize your work. Keep them in mind before starting to create an embroidery, it’s the first tip!

#1. Pay attention to your customer’s requests and expectations.

If he shows you a sewed embroidery, watch it carefully, especially on the back, to understand how it was made.

#2. Make sure that the design (file) provided for your punching is clear and detailed.

Low-quality designs will make you waste a lot of time in adjusting it.

#3. When possible, ask for a vector file.

It will make punching faster and more accurate.


#4. Carefully examine the design.

The underlay types, the stitch types, the effects you want to obtain and the embroidery execution sequence should be perfectly clear to you before you start digitising.


#5. Make sure the design you received from the customer has a correct size or a precise scale.

Only if you know the final embroidery size can you choose the proper digitising technique.


#6. Does your customer have any particular preference regarding stitch types, thread density or other parameters?

If you are using GMI software, Stilista3 you can store customer’s parameters in the personal parameters list and use whenever you need to.


#7 If possible, ask your customer which type of fabric the embroidery will be executed on.

This will enable you to choose the correct type of underlay stitches and to adequately compensate the fabric relaxation due to thread tension.


#8. It’s also essential for you to know the type and colour of the thread that will be used, so that to set the correct fill stitch density and decide whether a small part is to be executed in fill stitch or in running stitch mode.


#9. Once you have completed the digitising phase, make a sample on the kind of fabric requested in order to detect possible mistakes before delivering the embroidery to the customer.


#10. Take proper classes of embroidery of digitized designs to learn machine embroidery. If you know the tools and the possibilities of your software, you will soon get the most of it!


GMI gives you the chance to create your embroidery designs via Stilista3 software on your favorite apparel or accessory. The team of embroidery professionals, will guide on on the choise of the right software configuration and in the classes you will learn all about embroidery  digitizing.


For more information, contact us

Laser carpet embroidery stitch

Another way to tufting stitch: the laser

The tufting stitch, also called velvet stitch, turkish stitch or fluffy, is a particular work that allows you to make three-dimensional embroidery and soft to the touch, as if you were touching the velvet.

This is a highly sought after technique, also appreciated by high fashion brands, which can be made directly on fabric, denim, leather or even on patches.

The traditional technique

Typically, the tufting stitch is made with specialized embroidery machines. After each penetration of the needle, a noose is formed. A special tufting device cuts the threads at very high speeds, so that two free ends emerge. By cutting these rings, the thread protrudes from the support creating the effect of a shaved lawn. The thread can also be cut by hand with an electric razor.

This process requires experienced and careful operators.

GMI offers an innovative solution

As an alternative to the traditional technique, the threads cutting phase can be done by laser, with the GMI laser bridge mounted on the embroidery machine. The work will be faster, more precise and above all it will be possible to realize large embroideries with tufting stitches.

GMI provides all its experience to embroiderers courses on laser embroidery techniques.

For more information on the vekvet stitch technique and other laser embroidery techniques that can be achieved with a GMI laser system, contact us.

The advantages of production control for embroidery companies.

Production control is one of the main componentsto be taken into consideration when it comes to efficiency and optimization ofproduction times.

In today’s manufacturing companies, which have to contend with strong internal and external competition and with a market that requires quality and shorter delivery times, need to implement strategies to make production as efficient as possible. 

Not only the modern production lines, but also the older ones, suitably equipped with sensors, together with specially designed software, allow thiscontrol.

Why production control should be implemented in your factory?

Let’s see at the case of the embroidery companies and the solution studied by GMI.

The GMI Manager system (link on page 4.0) makes it possible:

  • the transmission of embroidery files via the company network to embroidery machines of any brand and model, with USB or serial port
  • the monitoring of production data for each individual embroidery machine and each order
  • the real-time status of the machines (running, not running, stopped with error, etc.)
  • the collection of production data, that can be used for costs control

At a glance, you can see the state of production (which machines are working, which are faulty and which are stopped without work). All the data collected by the system are displayed in dynamic and customizable graphs, which immediately reveal unexpected events or deviations of production with respect to programming, allowing an immediate reaction.

The production data can be accessed, through password access, from the productionmanager via the web from any device (PC, laptop, smarthpone, etc.).


  • Real-time control of the production
  • Control the correct functioning of the machines
  • Management of the orderd progress
  • Verification of the quantities produced
  • Control of product costs, with automatic generation of estimates based on historical data
  • Production planning

Read all the benefits here

All this translates into increased production efficiency and optimization of production times / costs.

GMI embroidery production control system is easy to implement, contact us for a free consultation: tel: 0438556299 – Contact us

Printwear and Promotion fair

Launch of the GMI Easy Cut device at the 2018 edition of Printwear & Promotion LIVE! show

GMI Easy Cut – thermal cutting device (TCD)

We are excited to announce that the Midwest Machinery LTD , sole agent of Happy Japan, will show the first Happy embroidery machine equipped with GMI thermal cutting device (TCD) at the Printwear & Promotion LIVE! Show.

This is the official launch of the GMI Easy Cut system in the UK, after its first and successfull presentation in Italy in October 2017.

Stop by the booth of our reseller Midwest Machinery LTD, stand F70 in hall 18, to see our TCD system cutting embroidered applique, embroidered patches, embroidered letters and so on.

The device has been designed for any brand of embroidery machine and it easily adds on value to them, because it is an easy way to kiss-cut and die cut embroidered appliques on garments or fabric accessories.

Printwear & Promotion LIVE! 2018 will take place in Halls 17 & 18 at the NEC, Birmingham from Sunday 21 – Tuesday 23 January, 2018.

The exhibition offers visitors the opportunity to see new products and solutions within the garment and promotional product decoration industry up close and in action.

See you at hall 18 stand F70, Midwest machinery

Visitors can register for fast-track entry to Printwear & Promotion LIVE! 2018 by visiting and clicking on the registration button.

Read more information about GMI Easy Cut

GMI staff at Viscom 2017

See you at Viscom Italia 2017

GMI at the hall 12 at Viscom Italia 2017

This year again we will attend the Viscom Italia 2017, the 29th edition of the International Trade Fair and Conference on Visual Communication, in Milan Rho, from 12th to 14th October.

GMI at VISCOM 2017 in hall 12

Our team awaits you at HALL 12, BOOTH B31 to illustrate the GMI laser cutting systems, the embroidery, laser and rhinestone design program, Stilista 3, and other innovative solutions for Industry 4.0.


To arrange an appointment at the fair, contact the GMI sales office:
Tel: +39 0438556299

To apply for your free entrance ticket, visit the VISCOM ITALIA website
October 6th.

Use the code 6591509755


Gtex in Lahore (Pakistan) from August 11 to August 13 2017

GMI laser cut and Barudan embroidery machines at Gtex show in Lahore, Pakistan.

At the upcoming edition of Gtex, to be held in Lahore, Pakistan from August 11 to August 13, 2017, the GMI local distributor, Master Traders & Embroidery works, will display the new GMI Moda laserbridge, the GMI laser cutting machine system, working in combination to two multihead embroidery Barudan machines.

The Gtex show is the largest and most successful B2B textile and embroidery machine brands expo in Pakistan.

For more information on the show: visit the fair website ( or contact us or contact the local dealer (mail to: )

Master Traders and GMI staff will be glad to welcome you at the Barudan booth for live demonstration of laser bridge cutting system on embroidery machines, a large list of embroidery laser appliqué samples and embroidery laser designs.

ROP – An opportunity that should not be missed

The Regional Operational Programme of the European Regional Development Fund 2014-2020 (ROP-ERDF)

The ROP aims to boost economic growth and contribute to achieving the Europe 2020 targets for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. It should create jobs and boost productivity, particularly in SMEs. The funding will concentrate in innovation and in Reasearch and Development.

These investments in ICT will reduce the digital divide and improve services offered by the public sector, aiming also at boosting investments in the region. Finally, the programme will contribute to improve the energy efficiency of the region, reduce emissions and encourage the use of renewables.

This solution, also, wants to increase the employment and the social and local cohesiveness.

The actions made by the European Regional Development Fund reinforce the industries productivity and their competitiveness on the European and global market. In this kind of vision the GMI srl is succeeded to join in this project.

The Regional Operative Program bring up the GMI Research and Development department thanks to the hardware and software upgrade. This renovation move close the GMI srl to the industry 4.0 target.

The funding received is 65.000€.

For more information you can visit the European Commission page concerning the Operational Programmes adopted by the Union States.

If you want, instead, learn about the industry 4.0 solutions recommended by GMi srl visit our dedicated page.

GMI at Viscom 2017

Viscom Italy 2017. Great success for GMI.

Once more, Viscom has confirmed it to be the reference event for all operators of visual communication.

In our booth we decided to offer visitors a full immersion in Stilista3 software with dozens of demonstrations every day. In this way, it has been easy to show how much our software is intuitive, easy and, above all, how much it meets the needs of versatility and productivity of customers. The ability to create, with only one software, designs with embroidery, cuts and/or laser engravings and rhinestones, is for the user a precious tool for increasing business potential.

All this has aroused the curiosity and interest of people and many have decided to visit our booth.

We thank all the people who decided to visit us and Studio Auriga’s staff who exhibited the GMI PLT640-70 laser cutting and engraving machine.

GMI attends Viscom fair 2016

GMI will attend the 28th edition of VISCOM FAIR

Also this year GMI Srl will participate at VISCOM Fair at Milano Rho, from 13th to 15th October 2016.

We will introduce the last version of our successful embroidery/laser/rhinestones STILISTA 3 software.

Our Staff will be at your disposal for demonstrations.

You can see one laser cutting and marking system model GMI PLT640-70 by our partner Studio Auriga in front of us at Hall 8, booth B41.

To have more information about the show and GMI products, please contact us.

We wait for you at Hall 8, booth C39!


CLOTHING MACHINERY 2016 fair in Istanbul from 27 to 30 April.

At the booth of our dealers KAR-DES/GOKSEL NAKIS SISTEMLERI., you can see the new laser bridge cutting machine for embroidery machines, GMI Moda Laser bridge 210w.

To know more about the show and the machine, contact us.

We look forward to see you! Hall 6, booth # 604C-614