A family of GMI products that embodies the interconnection and automation values of the fourth industrial revolution. It is a complete range of hardware and software solutions that aim to increase the productivity of embroidery machines and transform them into Industry 4.0 companies*, which are more competitive, automated and digital.



Embroidery design transfer software through company network
The software reads, writes and displays embroidery machine files (dst, dsz, dsb, tbf, zsk_tc, fdr_hd, ela, exp and more), generated by Stilista or a third-party software, and GMI files (emg, emg2), prints worksheets and sendsthe designs to the embroidery machines.



Embroidery design transfer device through company network
GMI device for sending designs to embroidery machines with USB or serial port.




Production process automation – Industry 4.0
With the GMI link device, a stitch count sensor and a barcode reader, which scan the barcode printed on the worksheet generated by the Stilista3 link software, the customer can monitor the real time order status in a cloud platform (web page with password).



Production monitoring & analysis
Cloud platform integrated with GMI Cloud Data where the production manager can monitor, in real time, the production of the embroidery machines, analyse the production statistics, display the order status and history.

* More products with Industry 4.0 specifications: