Viscom Italy 2017. Great success for GMI.

GMI at Viscom 2017

Once more, Viscom has confirmed it to be the reference event for all operators of visual communication.

In our booth we decided to offer visitors a full immersion in Stilista3 software with dozens of demonstrations every day. In this way, it has been easy to show how much our software is intuitive, easy and, above all, how much it meets the needs of versatility and productivity of customers. The ability to create, with only one software, designs with embroidery, cuts and/or laser engravings and rhinestones, is for the user a precious tool for increasing business potential.

All this has aroused the curiosity and interest of people and many have decided to visit our booth.

We thank all the people who decided to visit us and Studio Auriga’s staff who exhibited the GMI PLT640-70 laser cutting and engraving machine.