Laser plotter with camera: solutions for embroidery and print items – part1

Laser plotter and applique

Frequently, companies operating in the promowear market need to cut out patches, labels and other printed and / or embroidered items.

If the volume is large, hand cutting is not enough, therefore automatic cutting systems, such as laser plotters, must be used.

To make cuts in specific positions, for example at a precise distance from the edge of an embroidery, it is necessary to use a laser plotter with camera. The more sophisticated the machine and camera software, the better the result.


Let’s think of one of the most complex cases: the embroidered patches. These, by nature of the embroidery technique, will never be perfectly the same; the embroidered fabric is subjected to tensions given by the embroidery stitches. So in a pannel of patches, these will necessarily be slightly different from each other or even deformed.


Fortunately, the most sophisticated technology comes to our aid.

The camera control software of the GMI PLTCAM plotter has been designed to simplify and improve the cutting operations. It is particularly effective thanks to a set of controls and functions including:

1- function that automatically adjust and rotate the cut path without registration marks

2- function that automatically adjust the cut position on deformed patches, badges, labels, prints, etc.

3- function that cuts embroidered items, e.g. embroidered patches,  with edge column stitches in the same color as the base (if not affected by excessive deformation)


In the next video you can see some the functions described above:

In the next article, we will talk about another important function, which makes the GMI PLTCAM even more performing.