For industrial production of carpet tiles, GMI offers individual custom built carpet tile laser cutting machine.

Our engineers evaluate customers’ needs and expectations and test the cut of customers’ materials. If the test is satisfactory, we provide a first draft of the machine that will be discussed with the customer and alternative designs can be offered. We have regular meetings with the customer to develop the expected project.

For massive carpet tile production we have implemented a blade cutting unit. The combination blade + laser offers multiple advantages:

  • top accurate cut
  • welded edges for top seam quality (no need extra process)
  • low maintenance costs

The GMI Carpet tile cutting machine can be implemented to customer’s carpet tile cutting plant.

We take care of installation, staff training and production start-up. We stay close to the customer from machine concept to final use.

We offer after sales service and support.

Example of custom carpet tile laser cutting machine:

  • cutting frame belt from 2 x 2 meters
  • simultaneous cut of 480 or 960 cm tiles (square and zig-zag cut optional)
  • Co2 sealed laser source: 5 tubes of 800w
  • double smoking suction system
  • carpet feeding conveyor belt
  • expelling conveyor belt and scraps discharge unit
  • GMI software drive
GMI Border Cut