GMI BorderCut is an automatic border laser cutting machine for fabrics as lace curtains in rolls or plaited. The machine is made of a laser cutting unit and a fabric plaiting or roll to roll machine. The laser system cuts the fabrics borders with high precision and speed. The new “Border draw” function cuts out different shapes to decorate and customize curtains. The machine can be configured according to customer needs:

  • from plaiting to plaiting
  • from roll to plaiting or viceversa
  • from roll to roll

High speed, easy to operate and fully automatic.

GMI Border Cut


Special features

  • any color fabric
  • cut one border or two borders
  • decorate the curtains with the Border draw function
  • automatic fabric tension control
  • touch screen monitor
  • cut preview
  • automatic detection of fabric joints, new fabric and border defects

Main advantages of GMI Border Cut system

  • reduce production cycle time
  • get higher quality products
  • cut curtains of any color
  • add value to your curtains (Border draw function)
  • reliable partner at your side