Textile laser bridge cutting system for schiffli embroidery machines: cut and engrave on any part of the loom to create embroidered appliques.

The laser unit is placed on a customized bridge or suspended structure. The laser beam, properly adjusted, can cut the application without piercing the base fabric. With this system , the cleaning of the applications is straightforward and requires little time.

The model GMI laser III GTD has two heads and double cutting area; it is ideal for those who want to use the laser technology on two or more facing shiffli machines.

The final result is a process that combines embroidery with cutting or laser engraving, to great effect and extreme precision.

GMI laser III GT
GMI laser III GT


Main features

  • 100% engineered and built by GMI srl in Italy
  • Customizable bridge length and space saving structure
  • It can be installed on one or more schiffli machines, also tandem
  • Top quality laser sources and galvo heads (made in USA and EU): reliable, stable and safe
  • Large working area, up to 600×600 mm on GT bridge and 1200×600 on GTD bridge
  • Brushless motors to move the laser unit in the bridge with high acceleration, speed and prompt stop.
  • Smooth running and self-lubricating rack, does not need maintenance.
  • Operating software for cut control with new advanced functions, that increase the machine performances. The software is 100% developed by GMI
  • Real-time remote support via the Internet
  • CE certified and innovative safety devices



Roller Kit: rolling/unrolling system to engrave, die cut and cut rolls of fabric