GMI Puro system is an ozone sanitizer that has been designed to remove unpleasent odour, produced for example by laser processing, and to sanitize any textile or leather product.

The ozone is a natural gas that degrades and eliminates any polluting or harmful elements such as viruses, mites, insects, spores, molds, harmful chemicals and even smoke and odours, all in a totally natural way.

Laser machines burn the surface when cutting and engraving and, on some material, like natural leather, they generate bed smell.

GMI PURO - Odour treatment system

GMI Puro ozone disinfectin cabinet is free from liquids, gas and chemical agents. The treatment is odourless, maintains unaltered the characteristics, shapes and colors of products.After the treatment , the laser cut or the embroidered items, garments and accessories, will be free from bed smell, ready for sale or for next processing.


Main features

  • after the tratement the items will be perfectly sanitized and odourless
  • enhanced ozone generation and abatement lamps for faster and more effective treatment
  • safety lock doors
  • three buttons to choose among three treatment time
  • acustic and visual signal for end cycle
  • 5 layers trolley included