Laser cutting and engraving machines for textile and fabrics

GMI offers a full range of laser engravers and cutters specifically designed for fashion, home
textile, automotive and technical fabrics. The machines can process different flat materials like:
fabrics, denim, natural leather, synthetic leather, printed and embroidered fabrics, patches, labels,
fabric garments or on roll, paper, transfer paper, plexiglass and so on.
All the machines are CE certified by GMI in Italy.




GMI PLT series


Laser cutting and engraving machine designed for textile fabrics, leather and other flat materials.

The system is extremely performing even in most difficult conditions: natural leather and small detailed cuts.

The work area ranges from 600×400 to 1600×1000 mm. The machine is equipped with honeycomb table and high-precision slideways.

The machine can be configured with one or two laser sources.

It is also possible to add the attachments for embroidery tubular frames.

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Laser processing machine with camera, that cuts patches and labels without reference marks. The advanced optical recognition system is able to automatically correct cuts even if the elements to be worked are deformed or rotated.


Choose one of the two models:

  • with work area 1100×640 mm, for embroidered, woven or printed patches, emblems and labels
  • with work area 1600×1100 mm and super camera for cutting large patches (for example for fashion) and printed fabrics on rolls or piece

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GMI PLTE series


Laser cutting machine for finishing roll labels.

The machine is equipped with automatic dragging system, honeycomb table with openings for collecting the finished labels, high resolution camera and software that corrects the cuts of deformed labels.

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Plotter laser machine with conveyor table for fully automatic processing of fabrics on roll or pieces.

Large work area up to 1800×1000 mm, where the laser die-cuts and marks the fabrics.

Available with one or two laser sources.

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GMI PLTC-G series


Wide area laser cutting and engraving machine (work area up to 3 meters), with standard or conveyor table for fabrics in pieces or on rolls.

It can be configured with one or two laser sources.

The laser projector (optional) improves the cuts placement.

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