Laser carpet embroidery stitch

Another way to tufting stitch: the laser

The tufting stitch, also called velvet stitch, turkish stitch or fluffy, is a particular work that allows you to make three-dimensional embroidery and soft to the touch, as if you were touching the velvet.

This is a highly sought after technique, also appreciated by high fashion brands, which can be made directly on fabric, denim, leather or even on patches.

The traditional technique

Typically, the tufting stitch is made with specialized embroidery machines. After each penetration of the needle, a noose is formed. A special tufting device cuts the threads at very high speeds, so that two free ends emerge. By cutting these rings, the thread protrudes from the support creating the effect of a shaved lawn. The thread can also be cut by hand with an electric razor.

This process requires experienced and careful operators.

GMI offers an innovative solution

As an alternative to the traditional technique, the threads cutting phase can be done by laser, with the GMI laser bridge mounted on the embroidery machine. The work will be faster, more precise and above all it will be possible to realize large embroideries with tufting stitches.

GMI provides all its experience to embroiderers courses on laser embroidery techniques.

For more information on the vekvet stitch technique and other laser embroidery techniques that can be achieved with a GMI laser system, contact us.