The advantages of production control for embroidery companies.

Production control is one of the main componentsto be taken into consideration when it comes to efficiency and optimization ofproduction times.

In today’s manufacturing companies, which have to contend with strong internal and external competition and with a market that requires quality and shorter delivery times, need to implement strategies to make production as efficient as possible. 

Not only the modern production lines, but also the older ones, suitably equipped with sensors, together with specially designed software, allow thiscontrol.

Why production control should be implemented in your factory?

Let’s see at the case of the embroidery companies and the solution studied by GMI.

The GMI Manager system (link on page 4.0) makes it possible:

  • the transmission of embroidery files via the company network to embroidery machines of any brand and model, with USB or serial port
  • the monitoring of production data for each individual embroidery machine and each order
  • the real-time status of the machines (running, not running, stopped with error, etc.)
  • the collection of production data, that can be used for costs control

At a glance, you can see the state of production (which machines are working, which are faulty and which are stopped without work). All the data collected by the system are displayed in dynamic and customizable graphs, which immediately reveal unexpected events or deviations of production with respect to programming, allowing an immediate reaction.

The production data can be accessed, through password access, from the productionmanager via the web from any device (PC, laptop, smarthpone, etc.).


  • Real-time control of the production
  • Control the correct functioning of the machines
  • Management of the orderd progress
  • Verification of the quantities produced
  • Control of product costs, with automatic generation of estimates based on historical data
  • Production planning

Read all the benefits here

All this translates into increased production efficiency and optimization of production times / costs.

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